Playa Tamarindo
Parque Nacional Marino
Les Baulas de Guanacaste
Isla Capitan
A small airport is about 2,5 km north of Tamarindo. Sansa and Nature Air offers daily flights from San José. Delta Airlines offers air traffic Liberia airport from Atlanta, Georgia three times a week.
ALFARO (222-2666) leaves San Josť from Calle 14, Avenida 3-5 daily at 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. It takes more than 6 hours.
Leave San Josť and take the Interamericana to Liberia. Turn left to Filadelfia, Belen. In Huacas turn left to Villa Real and then right 4 km to Tamarindo. The road is good. You need normally in the wet season no 4WD car. The second way you leave the Interamericana by Palma and take the bridge across the Tempisque. Take the road to Santa Cruz, Belen, Huacas, Tamarindo. If you have a good car and not afraid to take a dirt road you also can leave the main road in Santa Cruz for Ventesiete de April and drive 17 km of dirt road to Villa Real.