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Information about the country and their people

Just as the regions are different in Costa Rica, so are the people. In the central valley the region around San José, lives the largest part of the inhabitants of Costa Rica. The population is predominantly of the ancestors of spanish origin. One finds a similar composition, although somewhat less along the Pacific coast. In the northwest of Costa Rica, in Guanacaste, the influence of the natives is more noticeable. Additionally, the portion of immigrants from the neighboring countries. Climatically, this region differs because it has less precipitation and hotter temperatures. On the Atlantic coast, the portion of the population of African descent amounts to approx. 30 %. Here you can also find a mixture of creol and english language. The actual natives predominantly live in the southern part of Costa Rica, in the inaccessible Talamanca region. The largest groups are the Bribrí and the Cebécar. Altogether, the indigenous population which retains their culture and language is approximately 20000.

The national language of Costa Rica is Spanish, and English is growing as a second language. The Ticos are friendly, tolerant and peaceful people.The country has not had a military since it was abolished in the year 1949. For this reason, some people call Costa Rica the Switzerland of Central America.